Junction Warehouse Company

offers delivery services, call us to learn more!

  • We have a small buggy (3 tons) and a larger truck (8 tons) for bulk feed delivery
  • Delivery of sacked feed
  • Bulk feed to your deer feeders
  • Lawn and garden supplies
  • Tack
  • Medicine sales for cattle, sheep, and goats
  • Catfish food
  • Deer feeder and blinds
  • Many years of experience!


Delivery Services

To meet the special needs of the deer hunters in our service area, we sell our deer feeds in both bagged and bulk form, and we will deliver bags or bulk. We have an 8 ton bulk feed truck, and a 2 ton “buggy” to deliver the feed. The majority of our deer feed orders are for Antler Max or corn. If necessary, we’ll be happy to send a full semi-load of feed to your location. Our normal delivery range is 50 miles and there is a delivery charge based on the size of the load and the distance of the haul. 
 Junction Warehouse Company will also set up a schedule to fill your deer feeders for you. There is a per-feeder charge in addition to the delivery charge. We can also prepare custom blends of wildlife feed for you. Antler Max Protein and corn is an example. If you have a barrel, buggy or truck you’d like to fill with feed, just give us a couple of days notice and we’ll fill them right here at our warehouse. We can sack feed, mix feed, or fill containers for you. Whatever your deer feed needs are, we can help. Pet Food 
Junction Warehouse Company carries a wide variety of national brand pet foods and supplies. When you drop by our store, be sure to discuss your pets’ needs with our experienced staff. They are always available to provide you with knowledgeable information. If you shop for your pet’s needs at Junction Warehouse, you’ll both be glad that you did!Other Feed 
Purina has invested the same research excellence and pursuit of top results into their Antler Max deer diet supplement that they’ve put into all Purina products for 100 years. There are different supplements to allow you to tailor your deer feeding program to your land and herd size. 
 Junction Warehouse Company is the place to stop if you want to enhance the health and trophy sizes in your deer herd.
 We also carry a selection of hunting supplies and accessories, making our store a must-stop point of destination for your hunting and pre-hunting needs. 
 For more in-depth information on the Antler Max-Deer Chow products, just click on the Antler Max logo below. We look forward to seeing you.


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